Dad trying to feed me Farex...BLAH

Allison and i meeting for 1st time

Kayla, Amy, Warren and i

Me nd Aunty Cheryl

Aunty Denise and i

Dr. Bot and me

Aunty Sandra and me

Dad trying to wash me clean

Ben my big brother when we 1st got home from hospital

Big bump on my head from falling out of shopping was pushing

a close up

cousin Cody

Me and mum

Me, Suzie and Dors

With Nanna Kiwi

Granny and Poppy meet me for the 1st time

Uncle Mathew Aunty Sandy Cousin Cody and me on Pops 60th Birthday

Snoring Buddies

Our wonderful neighbours

Mothers Day 2004


Sue, Red and me at home

Uncle Tony

The beard is alive - let me go

Uncle Andrew

Pops 60th B'day party with all my cousins

Andrew come to visit

Ben and i

Ben and me before we leave for sydney again

Nannie Dawn

In the car - no escape

Dad working out sticky tapes on disposable nappies

Sweet dreams

cousin Joel

Me with June

Keith and me


Nanna and me in the garden

Nanna meets me for the 1st time in hospital

Aunty Paula

Pop and me talking fishing

Pop and me after i was born

!st Easter

Holding my drink cup

Aunty Sandy and me after i was born


Warren and me at Postie Bike racing

Aunty Sandra, Granny and my cousins visit


Not funny Aunty Donna

Happy Birthday Dad

Ben and me

!st paddle in the macquarie river

waters to cold for swimming

Nighty Night

Suzie, me and Dors

Tummy time

Tucker time

Go The Holdens, 1st V8 weekend

Mum and Dad must think i will be quiet with all this stuff

Granpa Kiwi

Granny showing me the Highland Coos

Gumnut Baby

Dads B'day 2004

whoops how did i get here

Oh no, you found me

Leaving hospital

how cute

I didn't do it

Auncle Andrew

I'm not eating this

Granpa Kiwi, Nanna Kiwi and me

I think mum is trying to make me tired

At the office with dad

If i act interested about computers he will stop talking

At Postie Bike Races late 2004

Dad sits me here but i want to go for a ride

Bens old racoon hat

Oh no not honey again

Can't see me can you?

Waiting for a milkshake

Which one is the real Tigger


Uncle Lance came from New Zealand to see the V8's at Mt Panorama

Me with Uncle Lance and Dad

No Jam mum



Where has Harry gone

At the farm

Gayle and me at Postie Bikes


Here are some pictures of me.