Me and Dad @ CHW after my 1st surgery

Make a wish

Can we go home now

Me and Dad

Having a wash before leaving hospital

Back home and i needed to have a wash at the kitchen sink

I love the water

Mum keeps saying "no more'

Diane came to see me

Let me do my own hair

I'm ready to go to bed

This is where i spent a week after my amputations

This is where my pain medicine went into my neck vein

It was like being in a zoo

Nearly ready to leave CHW and go home

Waiting to be called for my leg surgery April 2005

Mum not letting me go after leg surgery

Ohhh poor baby Harry

My legs needed thick bandaging

Mums shoulder is so comfy

Me 2 hrs after surgery

Me and mum when i woke up

Day 2 after my leg surgery

Dad i can see 2 of you, do you think its the morphine?

Mum giving me a wash to go home

In the car and leaving CHW

Mum and Dad bought me a Buzz Lightyear for a surprise when i got home from hospital

Beccy, Lauren, me Jen and Danielle come to see me home from hospital

My medicine machine

Me and mum being brave before surgery