2nd surgery, separating fingers Who do you think is more tired? rub a dub The bubbles are eating me
tigger is sleeping 1 2 3
4 5 telling stories donna me and andrew
Just before taking off hand plaster after 8 weeks After plaster taken off, wow fingers What a day Back at home and in my chair with my dog
Fingers are great Uh Oh, how do i eat? Dishwasher 1 Dishwasher 2
Dishwasher 3 Dishwasher 4 Yes i'm listening....not Before hand surgery
Cheeeeeese After hand surgery at CHW Can you take it off dad? You take it off mum
Home from hospital Do i look like i want to go to swimming lessons? Hellllooooooooooo Harry monster
Karate Harry Cute Harry Night before hand plaster comes off Practising walking
Practising stairs Sue me and Red Tigger and dog Oh mum do i have too?
Dad's helpful!!